Sameiros Zephyr 1A Sameiros Motors knocked on our door earlier this year with their Honda Dominator build and have now returned as promised with this stunning Kawasaki Zephyr 750. The brothers from Viana do Castelo, Portugal have excelled themselves this time with 'La Bohème' and its thick, curvy figure. Oww, Matron! Sameiros Zephyr 2 Originally from 1991 this Zephyr is just the right side of technology, running carbs and a sensible ignition system meaning less electricky-spaghetti to hide. The distinct lack of plastic and trim saves on a lot of tab and bracket grinding on the frame leaving a fresh canvas for creativity, but the large tank needs a cunning paint job to mask its heft. Sameiros Zephyr 3 The first hurdle to this build was the engine which at point of purchase seemed OK, but turned out a full rebuild was needed. New components, seals, bearings, rebuilt carbs and a handmade slash-cut exhausts mean the next owner will have peace of mind and a sweet sounding motor. Oops, cat out of the bag already, yup, the guys could be persuaded to part with this one to fund new projects. Sameiros Zephyr 4 As proportions go the tail on this bike is spot on, mirroring the swoop of the tank and its buxom width. The seat was stitched in-house using a handsome shade of tan leather. The subframe was heavily modified and shocks rebuilt to to support this handiwork. Sameiros Zephyr 5 To shrink the cockpit and reduce clutter smaller instruments were fitted, traditional analog speedo and a digital tacho by Koso. LED warning lights drilled and countersunk into the top clamp serve their function without taking up unnecessary space. Manufacturers take note, if your customers are coordinated enough to simultaneously use all four extremities to ride a bike then a simple coloured light will do, theres no need for an Ibizan laser show. Sameiros Zephyr 6 Bars are Honda CBR600 with brown Tomaselli grips to match the seat, the smoked mini-LED turn signals blend in too. Sameiros Zephyr 7 Gunmetal grey features a lot at the moment in The Shed, and that's because it looks great. Enough brightness to show off the lines with the bonus slimming effect. Sameiros Motors do all painting in their workshop and a joe job they do too, the black breaks up the big tank and the subtle pin striping on the tail joining the ends together. Sameiros Zephyr 8 Great builds like this are turning up from all corners of the globe and the standards are super high, the brothers from Sameiro Motors can hold their heads high, this is a smart machine. If like what you see give them a shout on email and ready your chequebook.