Steel Bent Customs have put together two new CB 750s, both in their own hard-edged, clean and minimalist Brat-style, that has become the signature style of this Florida based custom shop. This one hails from 1981 and has been given the obvious moniker "Black". SBC's slimline looks take Brat style to it's extremes, with seats that are so slim you wonder if you'll need padded shorts, and the battery and electrics so well tucked away that the subrame looks naked. These bikes represent biking at it's most simple. An engine, suspended between a pair of wheels, wearing rubber with a decent turning profile, and don't forget a seat for the rider and a tank for the gas. It's the biking equivalent of Micky Rouke's wardrobe in 9 1/2 Weeks... Minimal, simple, understated cool (and slightly OCD). We love it. Keep 'em coming Micheal Mundy and Co. (...and by the way - this bike is for Sale at just $6500)