If you like black then this may be the bike for you. Black chassis, black wheels, black bodywork, black barrels, black wrap, black seat, in fact if it wasn't for the unexpected chrome ring on the headlamp and the polished sidecases on the engine, this might be the first choice for the young urban ninja's night-time transport... (...Mind you, those zorsts look loud a bit loud).

This build actually belongs to a returning Steel Bent customer who already has one of their previous CB750s, AKA Brushed, parked somewhere at home. Having been spoiled by this machine he clearly couldn't bear to look at his back-up Honda as it was, and sent it off to Michael Mundy and his crew for a refurb, and what a fine job.

The owner had already performed some great work on this 1973 CB750, but he needed the SBC touch to give it a little more flavour.

The Steel Bent crew added black clubman bars, cleaned up the exhaust, shocks, added their signature uber-slim seat, rearsets, mini tacho, new hand controls, and located a decent front front brake caliper to improve he stopping power of this "evil dark machine" (...their own words).

Like all the Steel Bent Customs builds (even a semi-build) this bike has been very well received by the cafe/brat/custom aficionados, and we assume the owner is equally chuffed to bits with his backup bike. Lucky fella.

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