The XSR's 270 degree firing order makes such a beautiful noise and stifling that with a huge catalytic converter and ugly backbox is a crime. There are loads of options and some really inexpensive but for me there was only one contender, SC Project. Fastidious weldist and fabricator Calum from deBolex joined me for a walk around the huge EICMA show last year and agreed that the zorsts from this Italian manufacturer were the best looking. A Full system 2-1 with silencer Conic '70s landed at Bike Shed HQ and like an excitable child at Christmas I tore the box apart to reveal a stunning display of large volume manufacturing masquerading as one-off craftsmanship. The blend between robot and hand weld is nearly unnoticeable and the fit is sublime. If you're into precision engineering go for SC - plenty of MotoGP and WSBK teams do. And that's not a shameless plug, I took ages to fit the thing not because it was difficult but because it was so satisfying slipping the joints in and out, appreciating their perfect tolerances. The stainless is high grade and after a full heat cycle has taken-on an awesome dark nickel like tinge and despite British summer throwing up a few damp days the finish remains as-new, and there's a 24 month warranty as back up too. The lamba sensor is in the same position as stock - my advice is to unclip the cable from the engine case to avoid over twisting the wires. OK, I'm sad. The sound and soul of that motor is pleasantly uncorked without upsetting anyone or being too booming, and the pop between gear changes satisfies my childish need for noise. It's fully EU homologated so the MOT tester will be happy. I've heard a few different pipes on 700 Yams that pull into the Bike Shed and to me the SC Project sounds the best so far. Check the video below and turn your speakers up. Further information, technical specs and to order click HERE SC Project Web | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube Sound check (MT-07 is near enough the same bike) Images by MJ Studio