Scott's RD 1 FBC The day Scott finished this two-stroke Yamaha cafe racer he a nun backed over it. Yes you did read that right. A proper nun. Having thankfully resurrected the bike from being trashed by the Lord's angel of mercy he decided to name the bike Christine. Scott's RD 2 Scott's been a chef by trade for over twenty years, an engineer in the military and - as he describes - a 'tinkerer' for many more. He currently lives in New Orleans running a resort hotel, but in his free time he builds bikes and rides fast. Scott's RD 3 The RD was Scott's first build and belonged to a friend who'd kept it stored away in bits in boxes in the corner of his garage. He gave it to Scott for next to nothing - and the rest of the story you can see from these photos, as Scott didn't trouble us with technical spec, and with a raw two stroke like this, it's all right there in full colour. What matters more is how he feels about the fruits of his labour. Scott's RD 4 "Having been obsessed with cafes ever since seeing a vintage Ducati in a restaurant parking lot near home I always said I would have something like that one day, and I damn sure did. It is going to be hard with future builds because I will compare all of them to this one. I love riding this bike." Scott's RD 5 Just looking at those expansion chambers brings up virtual sounds and smells that a certain generation just can't resist, and the cafe styling and clipons work surprisingly well on an RD. Love it. Cheers for sharing Scott.