Every May my heart sinks a little as prepping for our big London show means taking time off to galavant across the desert isn't something that would go down well with my overworked colleagues. Long time friend of the Bike Shed and now apparel partner Karles Vives, founder of Fuel Motorcycles, organises a trip each year to North Africa for nostalgists like me to revel in the glorious adventure of the original Paris-Dakar rally. The key though is that this isn't an event for full-on enduro machinery but instead aimed at riders of slightly inappropriate bikes. From new Ducati Desert Sleds and Triumph Street Scramblers to customised Honda Dominators and converted R Series Beemers, with a smattering of classics or even a Harley - as long as there's a degree of difficulty and you'll look cool doing it, you're in. But this isn't some Instagram feed filler but a properly gruelling journey across 2,500km from Tangier at Morocco's northern tip to Marabout near the Algerian border with nights spent under the stars in traditional Berber camps. Here's a selection of images from this year's Scram by super snapper Götz Göppert *click to enlarge* To register for Scram 2019 click here Still not convinced? Watch the video and see if that helps. Then come find us at Bike Shed 2019 and rub it in. For more from Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles Bike Shed Archive | Web | Facebook | Instagram Video by Riki Rocket. Photos by Gotz Goppert