Another year, another Scram Africa passed us by, the dates are just too close to our London show to allow for a rally raid across the Sahara. Which is a shame as this year's event looked brilliant. And we know it was, our buddy Liam Cormier (lead singer of The Cancer Bats) popped by this week and gave us the lowdown on the trip. He flew from Canada to Birmingham, England, to collect a Mutt 250, some Bike Shed apparel and a fist full of Euros. He then rode all the way to Marrakesh to meet the rest of Scram Africa riders. An adventure in itself. We'll be interviewing him soon about his trip. For now, enjoy these photos from Gotz Goppert. See previous Scrams here.... and find out about the team behind these dream trips. There's a vid at the bottom too.


Filmmaker Riki Rocket took a still camera on the trip and captured a stack of wanderlust inducing images. Click on the gallery below to flick through. Here's Liam proving that you don't need the latest Dakar weapon to have a damn fine time. The little 250 was arguably the ideal tool for the job. Check em out here. For more from Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles Bike Shed Archive | Web | Facebook | Instagram

Fuel Motorcycles - Scram Africa 2019 from Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles on Vimeo.