Sebastiao Guerra is from Lisbon in Portugal and has been a mechanic since he was just 18. He graduated to workshop leader in one of Portugal's biggest Honda dealerships, so it's fair to see he knows a lot about meddling with bikes from the big H. Since 2001 he's been doing his own thing and this scrambler is the results of his labours, and it's being featured in this month's Motociclismo - a Portugese motorcycle mag.

The donor bike is a Honda FX650 Vigor 1999, which is not a well-loved or popular bike in Portugal - or anywhere else for that matter. It originally belonged to a customer, but Sebastiao liked it so much he snapped it up when the customer decided to sell, and he's still wondering what else he can do to make it even better.

The bike has been stripped down and rebuilt, and every part and component has had some kind of modification or treatment - but many parts were successfully re-used or re-adapted to keep the costs under control, and other parts were made by hand, such as the battery box. The only new parts are the lights, exhaust, bars and tyres.

Sebastiao kept the original tank and seat, although this has been reshaped to match the frame, which has been chopped at the back. Black wrap keeps the high pipes from toasting his left leg.

Now that this bike has turned out so well, Sebastiao is well and truly bitten by the custom bike bug and already has SG-02 under way for a customer.

SG-02 will be based on the increasingly popular Honda NX650 Dominator, a bike which has produced a few really nice custom scramblers over the last 18 months, so we look forward to featuring his take on this platform in these pages.

Meanwhile Sebastiao looks justifiable pleased with himself. Meanwhile, picture credits to Rui Botas/Motociclismo