77 Customs CM400 1 7Seven Customs out of Ljubljana, Slovenia, is the outlet for owner Andraž Kopitar’s overwhelming enthusiasm for motorcycles and hotrods. In between talking to mates about bikes, riding bikes, getting tattooed and sitting in the workshop staring at engines while lusting after vehicles from days gone by, Andraž finds the time to build some fairly aggressive looking customs. 77 Customs CM400 2 His latest, a 1981 Honda CM400 looks like something a fresh faced Mel Gibson might have hunted down in Mad Max, although there is slightly more finesse going on here. You need to go a fair way to make a CM aggressive, the original bikes were small capacity cruisers, for riding short distances whilst being a bit short on style. They did share Honda’s bulletproof and well supported CB engines and seem a good base for customisation, which was handy as Andraž needed a work hack to abuse before ripping it to bits so that he could do ‘his thing’. 77 Customs CM400 3 Ljubljana gets a bit nippy during the winter giving the perfect excuse for the CM to go into hibernation and prepare for unveiling of a beast in the spring. Whatever is in the beer over there certainly helps get the creative juices flowing, this thing looks angry. 77 Customs CM400 4 The 400cc twin was removed and rebuilt, with black powder coat and paint freshening the cases and barrels. Carbs were re-jetted to cope with the cone filters and distinct lack of back-pressure from the snarling GP spec Akrapovič two-into-one exhaust. The obligatory heat wrap on the headers works well in this case and suits this bike better than some. 77 Customs CM400 5 Whilst the engine was out of the way the frame had rear-end surgery whilst a seat and mudguard unit was fabricated from steel, presumably Mrs Kopitar has her own bike as this is purely a selfish solo. That said, the saddle slightly resembles a crocodile so she’s probably best off walking. The tool roll holder canister under the seat is actually the battery ‘box’ and supplies a new, home-made wiring loom, nice touch. We’re not sure if fuel theft is a problem in Slovenia but there is a net fitted over the tank just in case. 77 Customs CM400 6 Dime City Cycles shipped over the shocks, MX bars, grips and mini speedo whilst compatriots Harley Davidson did the honours with the headlight and fairing. From a distance the crisp and more modern headlight glass diffuses the potentially ratty aesthetic of the bike as a whole and offers a suggestion of greater quality the closer you get. 77 Customs CM400 7 Honda made some pretty cool mag wheels back in the day and these five-spokers look good powder coated black and wrapped in knobblies, Golden Tyre GT200 at the back and Heidenau K41 up front. Perfect for leaving the tarmac and tearing up a manicured front lawn on the way to an abandoned train yard for a photo shoot. 77 Customs CM400 8 If you are the type of person who likes scaring small children at the traffic lights, this could be the bike for you. Andraž is selling it to fund another project so look out for it in the Bike Shed Classifieds.