Shaun and his brother have been mucking about building bikes for years, starting back in 2005 with Harley choppers, then flirting with scooters - which didn't float Shaun's boat - before building XS 650 and Triumph 650 Bobbers last year. He's also been messing around with an R80 Cafe build and a pre-unit Triumph - but the star of his bike-filled workspace is this Sportster cafe build above...

Shaun's Yammie XS650

Shaun's Trumpet 650 Bobber

Shaun likes to build his own frames for his bikes, but with this cafe racer he got the frame from the Welsh Norly gurus featured recently on Cafe Racer TV. He's about 6 weeks into the build, making the exhaust, seat, oil tank, rear light and loads of parts from scratch. The bike runs on a 16 inch rear and 18 front, on those controversial Firestones that everyone loves to hate (...or is that, hates to love?). Either way, they do look the part.

Not something you can get from the M&P Catalogue

His brother also has him working on a Norton type frame for a Triumph engine, and he hopes might also fit other units, from Jap 4s to more Harley twins - so it's fair to say he's juggling a lot at the moment.

Triumph frame, work in progress...

To say we're envious of Shaun's energy, space, free-time and roster of bikes would be an understatement. We'll post more pics on these bikes - especially the cafe Sportster - when he's finished - meanwhile good luck for getting this one done in time for the decent weather. Follow Shaun's builds on his own blog