Shaw Harley-Davidson from the UK's South Coast have been coming to our show since the early days, generally with bikes that have set them apart, as a standout in a crowded H-D custom scene. And if you've visited the gents toilet in the Bike Shed you'll have seen a lovely shot hanging on the wall showing Shaw's exhibits at our Paris event in 2015 - we're rather partial to a Shaw's build. And this Forty-Eight is their latest, the Battle of the Kings entry for 2019 - The Mustard. If you're not familiar with the BOTK competition check the main H-D website, but essentially dealers are challenged to build something unique on a tight budget, half the cost of the base model used. The UK division of the contest is fiercely contested and the finalists are chosen by the public. BOTK isn't a best handling or bike agility competition, it's openly and honestly about looks. No mudguards, tyres from a tractor, ear splitting pipes are the order of the day. Keyboard warriors and the ooow, that'll never go round a corner brigade are missing the point, massively.
The guys from Shaw's popped into Shoreditch last week with The Mustard and Camera Dan caught up with them. Here's the lowdown on the mods. To see Shaw Speed's extensive back catalogue check their website And follow progress on future builds via Instagram | Facebook