Ok, so there's enough Sport Classic cafe racers on this website, but what can I say, we love these bikes and they are rather good, and very pretty too. We come across some stunning takes on these bikes, often with thousands of dollars/euros/pounds spent on NCR performance parts to modernise them, or custom bits to take them back to their '70s roots, but this bike is pretty standard compared to many - but it just works.

So what have we got... Fleda LED tail, open clutch, plate mounted to the battery box, stubby endcaps on the downpipes and bar end mirrors. It's not a custom bike by any stretch, but put all those subtle touches on a Limited edition 1000SE with it's the rare gold and black livery featuring the double-line Ducati logo, (and then then take some nice photos), and I think it's worthy of it's own feature page...

I asked the owner for a few words about the bike, and rather than boring us all to tears with technical spec, he spoke from the heart... The bike just makes you want to ride. Not because it's comfortable, because it isn't. Not because it's the fastest, those rockets are Fast! But this bike turns heads. It gets nods and thumbs ups everywhere it goes. People leave notes when it's parked. I've been followed to my house by another biker (a V-rod guy who is now trying to sell his hog and find a Sport Classic, ha) and I've even been stopped by a cop who 'just wanted to know what it was'. I'm in the navy and actually bought the bike while I was in Afghanistan without ever having seen it. I'm stationed in TX right now but hoping to get back out to San Diego as soon as possible! I'm not gonna edit that down... And this is his lid. Love it.