Slow AWe've all been there, sat in the corner of the workshop staring at a frame, willing the bone line to fall towards the horizontal and wishing the seat-to-tank gap would fill itself. Much as this transcendental state might seem productive, having a friend or two around to bounce ideas off and lend a hand is always a good thing, usually always anyway. Jesper and Halle from Slowbuilt Motorcycles have combined their skills on previous builds and have since set up a ten person community workshop to provide a hub for creative handifolk to get together a produce great things. The best obviously being motorcycles. Slow BDespite and early leaning towards Italian and Japanese donors the Bavarian bug has become too contagious to resit and this 25,000 km BMW R65 rolled into Slowbuilt's Danish workshop. Fellow countryman and cycling legend Brian Holm saw the bike mid strip down and insisted Jesper and Helle finish it off for him, with one caveat. It needed to ready for the 2015 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride in Copenhagen. SLow CWith the mechanicals having seen such light service over the last three-odd decades open heart surgery was not required, instead the engine was removed and treated to a moody coating of black paint, carbs too. Cyclonic pod filters, just made that name up but it seems fitting, and reverse megaphones unleash an extra couple of ponies, and decibels to boot. Slow DThe less imposing R65 fuel tank has been superseded by one from an R80 and given many, many coats lustrous gloss black, finished with own brand emblems to replace the BMW wheel logo. Slow EThe dash has been relieved of fuss, and function to a degree, with just the basic controls and a headlight from a farm machinery catalogue. The tail light was also destined for a more mundane existence before being repurposed. The lack of gauges and relocated ignition allowed for a minimal wiring, with part of the new harness housed inside the handlebars, all powered by a battery in the standard position. Slow GThe fairer side of the partnership, Helle, is a dab hand with the sewing machine and her company Bang Seat has become renowned for exceptional upholstery. Here is no exception with a black suede, brat-style saddle providing grippy, two-up comfort. To break up the Darth Vader colour palette gold paint was liberally used, the Midas touch given to the now rare Snowflake wheels looks particularly resplendent. The rubber is by the ever popular Heidenau. Slow H From their meagre facility Jesper and Helle are building bikes part time with the hope of utilising the community workshop and people involved in order to "go pro", or live the dream as we like to call it. Brian's bike was ready for the DGR and he thoroughly enjoyed the ride on his new steed. More from Slowbuilt and Bang Seat on Bike Shed Archive | Facebook | Instagram Photography by Thomas Skou