Sofi Tsingo is a Ducati Certified Tech and works for Jeff Nash at AMS Ducati Dallas, and this is her CB550 Cafe Racer, clearly designed with performance and handling in mind - as well as proper cafe racer looks - so we wanted to know more.

I don’t really know how to talk about myself without mentioning my Dad. It’s his fault im not a girly girl He started off my duct taping me to the gas tank of his very rare 70’s BMW (1 out of 3 in the world) while I was still in diapers. He owned a very respected aircraft repair shop in Addison TX, this is where I grew up, messing with all his employees’ tools and playing in the cock pits of these private planes. When we were not at his work, he was always creating art, building hot rods, restoring old cars. When I was 10, he stuck me on my first dirt bike. Turned 16 and got a street bike before I even got a car. Age 18 he put me on the race track with my Ducati 996. In 2009 I became a Ducati Certified Tech and now work with one of the best dealers for Jeff Nash at AMS Ducati Dallas. This is the same year my Dad started to build a BEAUTIFUL Triton and he was the one who inspired me to build my own bike. The donor for this build is a trusty 1977 Honda CB550, but there's been a huge amount done to the bike beyond the usual cafe racer cosmetics. The engine has been rebuilt with carbs breathing thru custom velocity stacks, running dynatech ignition and wrapped headers connecting to a stubby exhaust, but the really good stuff includes running a chunky GSXR 750 upside down front end. Excel rims are laced to a Harley hub and using the Suzuki sports bike's calipers, shimmed to clear the spokes and biting down on CBR600RR rotors. Twin Hagon shocks work the rear of the bike in parallel in a pretty unusual setup that mimics an internal monoshock layout, while the stock CB brakes take care of controlling the rear. The tank is a Benelli and the seat and tail section have been custom made to fit the modified rear subframe, all painted in a lovely metallic blue. The headlamp is from a Harley and of course there's loads more we could mention. The inset rear lamp reminds us of the indestructible robot in The Day The Earth Stood Still. You can get away with mounting plates like this in the US (sometimes). We assume that LED strip is the brake light? The bike looks fantastic, and has a spec to suggest it handles as good as it looks. Great work Sofi. Pic 1, Credit to Brandon LaJoie. Check out his work HERE Black & Whites were taken by Lou Goodrum