Having seen the way Deus has heaped custom-cool credibility to their W650 & W800 retros, Kawasaki UK have now approached Tim & Kev at Spirit of the Seventies to have a crack at doing the same in the UK market, with their own unique take on what this bike could look like, with the SoS touch.

A standard W800

Deus set a high standard to follow...

The guys came up with designs for a roadster, a classic racer and a scrambler - and it was the scrambler than won favour with Michael and Dave at KUK. The finished bike will get a good thrashing, and then be put on show at the NEC.

The Classic Racer

The Roadster

To get the livery right there are three designs to choose from, and the final selection will be made by followers on the Kawasaki UK facebook page (brave move, KUK). Check the paint schemes out here and follow the votes and progress here.

The Off-Roader

There's more in the way of builds, opinions, updates and generally cool stuff on Spirit's own website and blog.