Tim & Kev's gorgeous Triumph S6 Scrambler has made in onto the pages of Bike EXIF today, with lots of pics from the talented Grant Robinson. Here are some of the photos featured, plus a few extras, and of course you can read the full story of the S6 on here and on Tim & Kev's own blog at Spirit.

Handy action-man-sized beer barrel adorns the upright bars.

Billet clock surround with inset warning LEDs. ...Somebody has OCD!

Milking time always made the S6 a little nervous...

One open gate. One hot Triumph ready to rock n roll...

Clever micro indies stop-up the cutdown rear subframe.

Even the chain guard is pure bling

Not sure a Triumph could be much prettier. I want one.

See more gorgeous custom bikes on Bike EXIF - probably the world's biggest custom website, bringing petrol-fueled joy to our in-boxes several times a week. ...and read more from Tim & Kev at Spirit.