Tim and Kev have taken on another XS750, a tried and tested custom platform that the guys made into the stunning S2. The S7 has some design differences to S2 including R6 forks, a front mudguard, (not a UK MOT requirement as is often thought) rearset covers and grooved footpegs to allow the paddock stand to locate easily. They also match the appearance of the gear lever and rear brake peg.

The framework is all over the place in this area and Lee’s done a cracking job of tidying it up.

The mudguard will be eventually be replaced by a Kingcarbon version made from, yep, you’ve guessed it.

The battery box is also a new design. It is a work of art that follows the frame rails, it not only allows us to hide everything away but it also acts as an undertray.

...The S2 is one of my favourite customs of all time. It really defined Tim & Kev's work and style, so I'm really excited to see how this progresses. Follow more from Spirit on their blog here