Could this be the one that got away? Tim & Kev at Spirit have put together a properly researched and beautifully drafted plan for a Tracker based on the controversial-looking, but beautifully spec'd-out Ducati 749R. To get the right lines the guys worked with Harris on a custom frame, as this is/was to be a high-spec bike that goes even better than it looks, so everything you see above is a lot more than just Photshop and wishful thinking.

Some say this is not one of Terblanche's best moments, but in hindsight...

With full Ohlins, a Harris frame and bespoke bodywork, it's not a cheap & cheerful hacksaw job with a loop welded onto the subframe and some generic tracker bodywork from the Speedshop, but one way or another this bike has to be built... So if you have a few quid burning a hole in your pocket and want a super-sweet, super-light, rocket-ship of a flat tracker, then give the boys a bell, hear about the plan, the history and the awesome spes, and let's make sure this bike comes springs to life.