Grant took these great pics at Rollerburn. It’s just a shame there’s none of us eating a McDeath, outside in the freezing midnight fog with a load of assorted skaters and bikers. Good times.

I know what you’re thinking, who’s that with Spirit’s Sam? Some bloke called Guy Martin apparently..

Rollerburn was frickin’ awesome, Gary Inman put together an amazing event.

The site and sounds of GI, Charlie Chuck and Guy Martin ragging their bikes through the hall with the Rollergirls trying to hang on will stay with me for a long time. It’s just a shame I was so wasted otherwise I might have a picture or two.. I can’t be sure but I think we ended up eating a McDeath with this guy at about 2am. McDonalds will only serve you via the drive thru at that time so poor Grant had to take his car to the order point while ten of us pretended to be in the car.. and he got stiffed with bill.

The Rollergirls are lovely. We’re big fans.

Oh, and there was also a great eclectic mix of bikes;

Some very special XS650 err, specials.

S6 - thank you Spence!

John rode his Desmo into the building - oh my, did it sound good!

Ben and Mick with this seasons most sought after items.

Anthony and Geoff had some lovely stuff on their stand, I’m loving the old skool full-face lids.

The Spirit team in full effect.

Thanks to everyone who bought something and contributed to our beer fund.

We really like this;