SotS Blackie 1 When it comes to applying some well-engineered, performance-focused, retro-cool to modern day bikes Spirit of the Seventies have yet again put their stamp on another Triumph build, with their latest variation on the scrambler theme, "Blackie". Re-inventing Triumphs with the Spirit, er, spirit, on such a regular basis doesn't seem to be effecting the quality or originality of the work, in fact Tim & Kev are just getting better and better at it. Experience with what works and what doesn't makes it easier for the guys to get it right first time so they can focus on the style, and the customers brief. SotS Blackie 2 Tim from Spirit picks up the story. "Ryosei came to us initially for some fairly minor changes, but the project snowballed once work started and soon it became a fairly full-on build. Ryo commutes through central London and he was after a couple of specific upgrades to help with the often wet and pot-holed streets, namely suspension and braking." SotS Blackie 3 Spirit builds always look retro cool, but they are no simple styling exercise. Old school looks don't have to mean old school manners... "The Ohlins twinshocks have been set up for Ryo, as have the forks, and the front brake was upgraded to a Brembo unit (calliper and disc) courtesy of Norman Hyde. The wheels were powder coated in our signature satin black and fitted with Continental Trail Attacks." SotS Blackie 4 The guys also paid plenty of attention to power and the right gearing for town use. "We refreshed the running gear with Renthal sprockets and a Tsubaki chain, and a full Arrow system allowed the bike to breathe more. Bob Farnham carried out some air box modifications and dyno work to boost power further and the bike is now putting out over 10bhp more than stock." SotS Blackie 5 "We shortened the frame rails and fitted our Shorty seat unit, upholstered by Glenn Moger. The cut and shut mudguard has a Posh rear light mounted to it and Oberon indicators are mounted front and rear. We relocated the the ignition and reg/rec, drilled and pc'd the chain guard, sprocket covers, fake carb caps, Spirit mudguard and headlamp etc and fitted various LSL parts from the headlamp brackets to the bars. Oberon risers and levers are complemented by Oury grips." SotS Blackie 6 Spirit of the Seventies' visual signature is always the paint, and whatever the build spec or brief their work is unmistakable. "The paint was taken care of by D-Luck's." SotS Blackie 7 "The Motogadget speedo tested us, the newer Triumphs require the use of a healer, supplied by Motogadget to enable it to work, you have to bypass the bike's immobiliser. It wasn't quite as simple as anticipated and there was a lot of time and money lost while we tried to sort it out but we got there in the end." SotS Blackie 8 So, how fast does she go, mista? "I've ridden the bike through London myself and came to the conclusion that it's pretty much the perfect city bike, it's got a relaxed riding position, plenty of grunt and makes enough noise to let people know you're there." ...and why Blackie? "Kev named the bike after Clapton's favourite guitar" SotS Blackie 9 Ok, so it's just another 'stunning' Triumph from Spirit of the Seventies, but are we bored yet? No. Just very jealous. See loads more from BSMC Co-Founders, Spirit of the Seventies on their Bike Shed Pages or on their Website, and you can see this bike at the BSMC III in a couple of weeks time.