Spirit The Fox 1 Like many of us, Alastair Fox saw Spirit's trend setting S6 and immediately started to fantasise about owning something similar. But rather than just drooling over the photos and day dreaming, he purchased a suitable donor, handed it over to Tim & Kev to weave their magic, and is now living the dream riding round on his very own Spirit build - 'The Fox'. Spirit The Fox 2 Alastair didn't want quite such extensive engine modifications as the S6, but he definitely didn't want it stock either. So engine guru Bob Farnham skimmed and gas flowed the cylinder head, tightened the squish and fitted 790 spec cams. Exhaust guru Geoff (at Co-Built) was commissioned to build another exquisite exhaust system, the stock carbs were replaced with Keihin CR smoothbores and K&N filters, and the bike was set up properly on Bob's dyno. The combined result is a significant increase in torque and power, whilst still maintaining the famed everyday usability of the Hinckley lump. Spirit The Fox 4 The signature Spirit styling cues are present (thanks to design guru Kev). The de-cluttered central section, incorporating the bespoke ally battery box that's also the mudguard. The wraparound seat upholstery. The general drop dead gorgeous proportions of everything. On this build, the guys chose to go for a much fatter rear wheel than stock, a 160/70/17 and a 110/70/17 at the front. When shod with Metzeler Tourance tyres, they look like they mean business. Spirit The Fox 5 FBC Suspension is taken care of by Progressive rear shocks and upgraded fork springs. Norman Hyde (Triumph guru) provided the rear sets. A replacement chain guard was heavily modified to accommodate the wider rear wheel, and the wheels themselves were treated to new rims and spokes. Sprocket cover was drilled, subframe was shortened and seat was upholstered by Glenn Moger (presumably a seat upholstering guru). Spirit The Fox 6 The beautifully simple speedo is a Motogadget Chronoclassic, and the equally classic Oberon indicators are fitted to Spirit's own bracket which matches Spirit's own headlamp perfectly. Spirit The Fox 7 The bash plate and front frame rails have been powder coated to match the headlamp, and the recognisably Spirit paint job was done by paint guru Graham at Revolution (last use of the word guru, promise). The Proper old skool motocross style bars and Spirit's own front mudguard give 'The Fox' a perfect front end. The whole thing just shouts, "take me out and hoon me down a damp country lane somewhere in deepest darkest Kent. Please." Spirit The Fox 9 Yet again Tim & Kev have produced another lean mean riding machine. They manage to produce stunning bikes that are recognisably 'Spirit of the 70's' while at the same time being totally unique. Don't just drool over the photos and daydream, find a Bonnie, hand it over to the Spirit boys, and you too can have something like this parked on your front drive. Spirit The Fox 10 See more from Spirit of the Seventies on their Bike Shed Pages or on their Website. Posted by Ian@TheBikeShed