SMC_teaser2If you've been hiding under or stone or have found one of the last remaining places on earth without an internet connection then there's a chance you haven't heard about Triumph's new range of water cooled twins. Unlikely as that might be here is a reminder of what we thought. Since the Bonneville, Street Twin and Thruxton launch at Bike Shed London a couple of weeks ago everyone has been waxing lyrical about the bike in general but one particular model has struck a chord, the Thruxton R. SMC_teaser3After the last few years of paired down nakedness it seems that the fairing is making a welcome comeback. A tricky shape to get right and one that can make or break the overall appeal of a bike. The designers up in Hinckley must have worked their way through a lot of clay as this silhouette is wallet openly stunning. We hear the forward order book is already rather thick. SMC_teaser5One of the perks to having Triumph take over our new venue for their event was them leaving a couple of new models behind for customers to scrutinise in detail. We would have been content with a factory Thruxton R but Shed buddy Jason Paul Michaels, founder of Standard Motorcycle Co. left his bike on display for a few days. SMC_teaser6Jason knows a thing or two about building bikes, and businesses for that matter. He co-founded Dime City Cycles and has been at the coal face of the custom scene for sometime. SMC is his solo project and we're looking forward to seeing how far he goes with this actual bike. SMC_teaser4What you see here is "Phase One" and frankly we'd be happy with that but in a few weeks Jason is heading back to our shores to spend a couple of weeks in Hinckley to develop "Phase Two" alongside Triumph's arsenal of talent. SMC_teaser1We've had a sneak look at the build sheet and it's extensive to say the least. Keep an eye on the Bike Shed for exclusive updates and maybe we'll see the SMC Thruxton R back in Shoreditch once it's done the rounds. Or maybe have a word with your friendly Triumph dealer and see if they'll order one in. To see what the Triumph skunkworks is capable of check the Bike Shed Archive Follow Standard Motorcycle Co. on Facebook | Instagram | Web More stunning photos by Adam Fitzgerald over on Iron & Air