SBC CB450 The Seven1 1 Michael Munday and the guys from Steel Bent Customs are seriously busy but still manage to turn out top quality work. In the last 2 years alone over 20 Steel Bent bikes have been the The Shed. At the BSMC Event III, a Matchless KTM bobber created a huge stir for its originality and I-wanna-ride-that-one-appeal. For me this 1971 Honda CB450 DOHC - Seven 1 ticks a similar box, potentially wildly impractical and uncomfortable, and all the other things that people like to point out on forums but what it does do is scream, "ride me!" SBC CB450 The Seven1 2 This has been Michael's own ride for the last four years and has now undergone its third iteration into what you see here. To achieve the low and long look an XS650 rear end was robbed of articulation and suspension and grafted onto the Honda's frame. The obligatory black powder coat on the frame is matched by the 19" x 3.5" Harley-Davidson rims laced with stainless spokes to the standard drum brake hubs. SBC CB450 The Seven1 3 The front is CB650 but two right hand fork legs to eliminate the caliper mount. Super gnarly Michelin Cross Competition tyres apparently run OK on the street but keep you nice and alert under braking! I just want to tear this thing down the nearest beach. Electrics are minimal due to a conversion to kickstart only and what remains is hidden in the faux oil tank. These CBs are wet sumped so no need for space grabbing reserves of the black stuff. SBC CB450 The Seven1 4 Handlebars are an in-house fabrication with brass plated, end-mount inverted levers. The brass has been clear coated to maximise riding time versus polishing time. The carb velocity stacks received the same treatment and the caps on the end of the hi-temp coated exhausts tie in the material choice. The seat is covered in suede and stitched with copper thread. The tank appears to be Harley with a nice retro fuel-level tube. SBC CB450 The Seven1 5 Michael has again produced something a bit different and executed the build well, a shame he doesn't live in London. In fact scratch that, it's a shame I don't live in Florida. Steel Bent do ship so if you like what you see, put an order in for a build and send us the pictures. You can see more from Steel Bent Customs on their Website and on The Bike Shed’s Steel Bent Customs pages or get in touch with them directly here.