This 1980 CB Seven Fifty is one of a pair that have just come out of Florida custom shop Steel Bent Customs, where Michael Mundy and his crew seem to have created their own niche brand of uber-naked Brat Style custom bikes. Yellow lens gives the bike that "just ridden here from Europe in 1983" look. Mirrors and indicators are clearly for wimps. Even the brake reservoirs have been binned and replaced with a clear line topped with a knurled hex bolt. One clock is all you need. Got that? ...and switches are for bitches. Whenever we feature SBC's bikes a lotta people write in and ask where the f**k is the battery, or, where is the seat? - as the SBC look is so streamlined and minimal it makes some other Brat customs look positively fancy and decorative. ...Seat padding? Who needs seat padding if you have balls of steel? Clearly the Steel Bent brand has as much to do with the trouser department as the material from which bikes are made. The Facebook comments will be polarised between "WOW" or "OMGWTF" and complaints about the lack of seat padding and other comfort-providing amenities, but to us, SBC have captured the spirit of hard-ass biking to perfection. And if you like this bike as much as we do, it's for sale at their shop in Florida at just $6500. Check it.