SBC T100 7 Triumph Bonnies always go down well on the Bike Shed's pages. Straight out of the box you get all the basics you need for a desirable modern retro, but as we all know, there's plenty of room to improve Hinckly's finest. This bike has been taken on by Michael Mundy and Co from Steel Bent Customs in Tampa, Florida, and is typical of a clean and simple SBC build, where most of the hard work is hidden away. SBC T100 3 The base bike is a 2011 Triumph Bonneville T100. "The client contacted me out of Colorado to find him a newer fuel injected Triumph Bonneville similar to the bike we built a few months back (the Costal Tracker)." Sorting out the suspension was top of the list, so the suspension was firmed up at the front with Progressive Springs while Ohlins shocks were fitted at the rear. SBC T100 6 One of the great things about modern Triumphs is that there are plenty of plug-n-play accessories available. "We purchased many of the bolt-on items from British Customs - a great selection & fast shipping." But other elements need more hands-on hard work and skill. "We tore apart the wheels & powder coated the rims & hubs & then we re-laced them with Buchannan's stainless steel spokes and wrapped them with Heidenau rubber." SBC T100 1 The stock handlebars were swapped for Biltwell motocross bars. The rear fender is an aftermarket "Thruxton" style shorty, and the front fender needed to be trimmed to match. The seat is a customized Slammer Style seat, which is also from British Customs. SBC T100 8 All the lights were changed for LED units, including the headlight. The ignition was relocated, and the bike was given new foot controls and a new chain guard. "We used the stock headers & added Supertrapp silencers, then wrapped her up tight. Then we had her painted a copper color-which will shine in the Colorado hillside." SBC T100 4 She's a simple honest build, put together by a quality crew. You can see more from Michael Mundy & Co at Steel Bent Customs on their Website and on The Bike Shed’s Steel Bent Customs pages. SBC T100 5