SBC Dubai 1 THUMB "We build rides." - That was the opening quote of our inaugural Steel Bent Customs story back in June 2012. It turns out that truer words have never been uttered. Michael Mundy and his Steel Bent Customs team have built rides at a dizzying rate, their Bikeshed page is a shrine to their trademark super-clean brat inline-fours, but recently we have seen those machines joined by a more diverse style of steed as their style expands. SBC Dubai 2 Hinckley Bonnevilles and Adventures have added some British iron to the CB party and SBC's last two featured builds have been a stunning Honda CB125tt and a gnarly rigid knobbly CB450. But, when you think of a Steel Bent bike, you cannot help but summon an image of a CB750 done just right. That was certainly the case for the brains behind the Dubai Biker Cafe and when it came to adding one of Tampa Florida's finest to their extensive fantasy garage, there was only one bike they could commission. SBC Dubai 3 The brief was for a DOHC Honda CB750 with an inverted front end & spoked wheels, the rest of the details were left in the trusted hands of Mundy. With a suitable donor selected Michael contacted Devin Henriques at Cognito Moto to set up the front forks and spoked wheels. The execution was never in question, Cognito Moto have some serious talent in this department, their CB550 that featured in many of our 2014 Bikeshed personal top tens wears the very same combination perfectly. SBC Dubai 4 Mundy paired the rear wheel with a tubular mono shock swing arm, the spring locates high beneath the tank, maintaining that super clear mid frame, another SBC calling card. Rear sets and clip ons complete the cafe stance while a digital gauge alerts the pilot to velocity and other such vital information. The decision was made to go for a solo saddle, a seat cowl was fabricated within which there is plenty of room to conceal the battery. Lance's Tops obliged with the seat manufacture. SBC Dubai 5 Befitting the definitive nature of the build Michael opted for a classic paint scheme of black and gold with white highlighting. Craig Paints Bikes applied the glossy scheme to the body work and Pro-Fab Powder Coat took care of the frame. The gold ties in with the forks and almost camouflages the brake fluid reservoir from the eye. SBC Dubai 6 "Once we finished her up, they sent a shipping company to drive her to Miami where she boarded a boat bound for the Middle East." No doubt on its arrival at the cafe the CB caused many a cup to pause midway on its journey to mouth as admirers beheld its splendour. As much as we are jealous of the beverage drinkers view, our main envy is reserved for whoever gets to take this black beauty out on the black top. A definitive Steel Bent Customs CB.