SBC TA 1 THUMB Well blow me down with a feather if it isn't another T300 Triumph. After preaching the potential of the heavyweight Hinckley but not a week ago with Macco Motor's Hustler, a bit of sibling rivalry has suddenly appeared. With the Legend having got all the attention, it's now the turn of the Adventurer; this time put together by new wave veterans Steel Bent Customs. Led by Michael Mundy, the breadth of bikes they turn their hand to is vast, all put together with the same focus of clean lines and attention to detail. SBC TA 2 The bike ended up being a sister-build to Black Betty (bam-ba-lam), that we featured all the way back in August 2012. Having seen it on social media, the client contacted Michael to commission a similar ride with a dose more Café and a little less Brat. Hailing from Oklahoma (where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain) the bike would be shuttled out to the Sooner State once completed so a rugged donor was essential. Despite the rarity, a '96 Triumph Adventurer was found just down the road from SBC in Tampa Bay; though presumably not in Tampa Bay, and provided the ideal base to build on. SBC TA 3 Expunging all evidence of it's relaxed roots, the bike now sits with a classically aggressive stance. Reworking the rear suspension linkage raised the back of the bike, to allow the rider to grapple with the new clubman bars in a more manageable manner. After a thorough examination and full service the mechanicals were given the A-O.K. and required no further fettling; though the engine received a set of freshly chromed covers, adding some classic shine to the shades of black. The requisite radiator side covers also got prettied up allowing the cooling system to shine rather than distract from the classic aesthetic. SBC TA 4 Making the tall Triumph look lithe is no small achievement and SBC's complete reworking of the seating arrangement makes all the difference. With the substantial sub-frame gone, the electrics were whisked away, tucked up between the seat frame rails, while a small-but-mighty battery now sits on the aluminium swingarm. Simple clean lighting is the order of the day, an LED enhanced unit shines a light on the black top ahead. Tucked further back between the stanchions than the original, it adds to the poise of the machine. SBC TA 5x A key request from the client was the contrasting gloss black tank and glacier white wheels. The tonal pairing, put together by Craig Paints Bikes & Pro-Fab Powder Coat really makes the bike look light on it's feet, despite carrying a heavyweight punch. A seat from their friend's across the Bay, the classic Dime City item crowns the new sub-frame and is starkly different to the bulkier two-up original. It allows for a really neat setup. the cats-eye light peering out from underneath. Small mesh '59' side covers graciously nod back to bikes inspirational roots, without slapping you in the face with nostalgia. SBC TA 6 To make the most of the torquey triple the powder-white rims wear a set of Avon Roadriders. These tyres are a great compromise, offering substantial performance with a tread pattern that isn't jarringly modern. A 120 up front and a 150 out back balance plenty of rubber without dominating that slender rear end. The engine itself breathes in through pod filters, replacing the convoluted airbox assembly; the carbs having been rejetted to suit. Like Rodgers and Hammerstein at full pelt, the 885cc engine now bellows out through a 3:1 Cone Engineering across the prairie. SBC TA 7 Collected by the delighted owner, she's back in Oklahoma, sharing garage space with a Zero Engineering bobber; that sounds like a rather nice two-bike combination to me. As usual, make sure you're following Steel Bent on Facebook for all their latest endeavors, or get in contact via their site if you fancy something to stick in your own garage.