SBaugrud 1 Sometimes, you don't even have a shed to build in. A common frustration for many an amateur builder, who long for somewhere warm and dry, where you won't get glowering looks from the other half about oil stains on the carpet. For Steve Baugrud this feeling was exaggerated as it was self inflicted. Having decided to move house and build his new abode, he was now garage-less and the temporary Condo accommodation wasn't the ideal workshop. And having your tools in storage isn't great either... However, in true Bike Shed spirit this was but another obstacle that would be overcome. SBaugrud 4 The CB450SC Nighthawk is not exactly a universally loved bike in standard form and it's swoopy rear frame means it can be shunned by the custom crowd too. Undeterred, serial shed builder Steve Baugrad stripped the bike down and traded, sold or cremated unnecessary parts. What remained, was not a lot; just the frame, engine and a few small incidentals. The rear of the frame was lopped off to remove the awkwardness, and a new loop added with shock mounts grafted on. The aerated plates between upper and lower frame rails provide sturdiness to back end and work positively to emphasise the waistline of the bike. SBaugrud 3 To make the bike more 'sit up' and less 'arse draggery' the rear 16" wheel was swapped out for an 18" number from a CB400T and matched to a complete front end from a CX500. Heavier weight oil and a 1.5" spacer lend the soggy CX500 forks a bit more resistance to the bumps. The matching Comstars were powdercoated metallic gold and clad in Shinko 705s for go-anywhere urban riding. Sensibly to ensure the 450 motor was kept on it's best behaviour, the standard airbox was maintained; the CV Keihins like a nice regular air feed. The plastic has been smartly hidden behind some number boards, which fit perfectly in the curved frame. I knew it had a purpose! Lucky number 7? The bike was finished on this daughter's 7th Birthday, where are the stabilisers, Steve? SBaugrud 5 With a solid rolling chassis now underneath him. the prettifying could begin. A NOS CB400F tank was sourced and modified at the rear to securely mount it before a classic black gold and white paint-scheme was laid down by Eric at Jamie's Customs in Big Bend. It was matched to a sleek humped seat by Ginger McCabe at New Church Moto with the Bates rear light popping out of the rear mudguard. The bright wheels and tank are contrasted against liberal amounts of black satin powder and if you look carefully the starter and kill switches are tucked in the rear hoop bracing. Nice and neat. A retro Kerker exhaust gives the bike a hint of it's 80's roots and the necessary soundtrack; a great Ebay find. SBaugrud 2 With a full rewire, new lithium batttery and Mosfet Reg/Rec under the seat, Posh switches serve the commands to the German Scrambler headlight. In Steve's own words, "Its a blast to drive. Its incredibly light and very maneuverable. Its got some zip to it and I love carving through turns on this bike. This may be one that I may keep because its so fun to drive!" Bravo Steve, it's worth a reminder that these bikes should be fun to ride as well as build. If only we had some canyons round this part of London. Ah well, another lap of the North Circular it is! SBaugrud 6 Check out Steve's other builds on the Bike Shed here