We normally steer clear of treading on the toes of the Street fighter scene, or even the modern classic restoration, with most of our bike features trading exclusively in the cafe/tracker/scrambler bratstyle currencies, but as the spirit of the seventies gives way to the spirit of the eighties, and the custom bike boundaries melt away with help from the likes of Icon, and others, we find bikes like's Steve Beer's slab-sided 1980s Gixxer drawing our undivided attention. Petal discs on cast wheels wearing wide sticky rubber and sheathed in carbon-fenders with high performance parts and well over 100bhp, plus the least delicate rear end of all time that looks like a tombstone from behind, have somehow conspired together to create a compelling aesthetic on this un-faired Japanese race rep. By trade, Steve is a Bike detailer and technician at Attention 2 Detail in Surrey in the UK, and has been working on, and fixing-up, bikes since his first Suzuki AP50 over 25 years ago. An era which clearly hasn't left him just yet. "I remember seeing a crashed GSXR with no fairing as a teenager back in the 80s, loved the way it looked and eventually decided about eight years ago that it was about time that got one. I bought it blind from eBay, it was low mileage but quite rough when it arrived so I immediately stripped it and then set about fitting 17” wheels and the USD front end. I've been making various modifications ever since and finally got the jetting spot on after several attempts and a run at a Dyno day. It sounds amazing with the flatslides and K&Ns, goes like stink with lowered gearing and handles surprisingly well too. I like the attention it gets when I go to places like Box Hill or the Ace Cafe - there's always get someone wandering up for a chat about it. It was originally meant to be a runabout that would help me keep my Ducati off the road on wet days, but it’s now my pride and joy, and definitely a keeper, while various other bikes and projects have come and gone." Details: Rebuilt original Mikuni flatslides with Dynojet stage 3 kit, K&N pod filters, Factory ignition advancer, Dyna coils, Taylor leads, Renthal sprockets with +4 on the rear, Hindle downpipes with Fuel end can and aftermarket oil cooler and lines. GSXR400 front end with modified yokes and forks set up to suit, GSXR1100 5.5” rear wheel, Galfer discs, modified torque arm and side stand, GSXR600 calipers and carbon mudguard, Ohlins shock and steering damper on modified Harris fireblade bracket, Harris clip-ons, GSXR1000 brake master cylinder, TL1000R clutch master cylinder, Goodridge brake and clutch lines, alloy chain guard, GSXR slingshot clocks in custom pod, air horns in air box cavity and lots of stainless and titanium fasteners. All original paintwork apart from modified tail light surround. And before you all ask, yes Steve has got the full fairing stored away in the loft, but we rather like it just like this. There was a lot of debate between us all in the Bike Shed... Does a build like this fit into our little custom/cafe niche? ...should we open our doors to 1980s race reps, with braided lines, anodised bolts and all the rest? ...but it quickly became clear that this iconic GSXR, with it's uncompromisingly brutish looks and go-faster accessories was beyond genres and niches, and we all just wanted to stare at it all day. So here she is. Enjoy.