Steve's XS750 1 After 1.2 million miles of riding, Steve from Colchester should know a thing or two about biking. He clocked all that distance as a motorcycle courier over 16 years but Steve's love of bikes has remained undiminished. Six years ago he completed his first restoration project, a Suzuki GS550 Katana - which ended up being exported to New Zealand, (a mere 11,387 miles away - so we assume Steve ride it there himself). Steve's XS750 2 Steve's first three bikes were all restorations, but from there he moved into the world of cafe racers, building six in all. This XS was bought just three months ago as a standard SF custom model and Steve's goal was to turn her into a cafe racer that looked as much like a Triton as possible, and at first glance it certainly shouts traditional classic, at least until you spot the solid wheels and Yamaha engine stamp. Steve's XS750 3 From there the bike was completely rebuilt. The frame and wheels powder coated while the engine serviced and repainted. All alloy parts were polished to a mirror finish and all the bolts were replaced with stainless steel fastenings. Mudguards are also stainless and the headlamp and tail light are from Lucas. Steve's XS750 5 Triumph triple downpipes feed into peashooter silencers. The tank is handmade, the seat is a slimline Manx unit and the rear sets are custom made. Steve's XS750 6 All told, the build took over 300 hours of hard work, most of which was taken up with polishing - and it shows. A huge thanks to Steve for sharing (and going the extra mile with new pics after we kept asking for better ones). We look forward to seeing your next builds.