STG GN250 1 THUMB Argentina is well renowned for its wealth of fabricating skills, Pur Sang for example have been recreating some of the world's rarest machinery for years. Marcelo Obarrio from Buenos Aires is one such craftsman, and owner of STG Bikes who manufacture dirt, jump and fixie cycle frames and parts. Marcelo has branched out into the world of petrol power and this Suzuki GN250 is his third build. STG GN250 2 After seeing Marcelo tearing it up on his GN, a customer wanted one similar and commissioned a build. Said customer, Sergio, wheeled in his son Mateo's fresh '94, 19,000km donor with the brief of "make one like your first one please". STG GN250 3 Firstly the rear tyre was changed to an 18-incher so that Bridgestones Gritty ED-02 front and rear tyres could be fitted. I'm slightly jealous at the thought of Mateo heading out of town and tearing up the gargantuan plains and super long dirt roads. STG GN250 4 The minimal cockpit consists of just a mini speedo, all warning lights removed, apart from the neutral light which was relocated in the headlamp casing. Forks dropped in the clamps and new gaiters fitted makes the front end look a bit more gnarly and is easily adjustable should the going get rough. STG GN250 5 The military theme works well when there is minimal surface area to cover, too many panels and a bike can look for tank than tracker. The modified, GN tank wears matt green and US Army style star, complimented by the stitched brown leather seat. The guys wanted a Willy's Jeep flavour and it seems to have worked out. Uprated rear shocks replaced the spongy stock set. STG GN250 6 A K&N filter and new two-into-one exhaust with modded muffler massage the power figure slightly but do more for acoustics, and apparently waking the slumbering old folk in the neighbourhood. STG GN250 7 Sergio and Mateo were over the moon with the finished product and have motivated Marcello to carry on building. Next in line is a GS450 Brat, when they find one. If you know of a suitable donor then drop Marcelo a line or keep an eye on their Facebook page We love featuring bikes from further afield so get some decent pictures of your build using this guide and send them in.