Yesterday we recorded our first ever podcast and I rounded-off our chat with the question "If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what bike would be your last ride and in what surroundings". My answer was Kenny Roberts' rip snorting TZ750 at the Springfield Mile. Now, if you haven't seen the YouTube video yet, scroll down. If that doesn't get you going then you must be already dead. Yes, that was Indy, not Springfield, but it's my dream, so there. One guy that wasn't prepared to wait until he was almost dead is the builder of this outrageous machine, Brad Peterson. I remember reading about this road legal beast in Sideburn Magazine a while ago but there's now also a feature over on Bike Exif that's well worth a read. The specs alone are spine tingling. Watch the vid, then go and read the article. Then try to imagine riding this thing anywhere other than a disused airfield. I haven't met Brad, but I like him already. Images by John Meloy and Pierre Robichaud