Sumisura Deuxieme 1 The effervescent front man of Milanese outfit Moto SuMisura, Franco Augello, has been at it again. His deep rooted passion for BMW’s boxer knows no bounds and if potential clients weren’t complete fanatics when they arrive, they certainly will be by the time they’ve been through the beer and salami fuelled creative consultation in the workshop. Check out the Milguass & Inge which were in the shed last month. There’s always a story with Frank’s builds and this one, the Deuxieme Flat Tracker, is no different. Sumisura Deuxieme 2 Wanting an alternative city ride to ‘JM’, his GS-based build, Frank needed a beating heart for the next project so England’s fine shores were scoured for an 800cc Airhead. A chap from Liverpool had sadly died leaving behind his bike to be ravaged by the elements for many years before finally ending up in a local scrap yard. Sumisura Deuxieme 3 The engine arrived in Milano feeling slightly sorry for itself, made worse by the courier launching it across SuMisura’s garage floor, smashing the starter motor housing. Inside the news was not much better so a full strip down and rebuild was required. After painting and polishing the motor Frank sat it on the bench and stared intently, awaiting the inspiration, it came in the form of a flat tracker for Milano’s mean streets. Sumisura Deuxieme 4 An R100 kickstart gets things going and an R45 35/9 five-speed box set the wheels in motion. Cone filters, heat-wrapped headers and stubby mufflers do the breathing. The frame is a modified R45 with the rear end chopped and the battery box masked with mesh sheet. Rather than paint, the steel frame was stripped, left a bit rough around the edges and patinated before being lacquered. Wheels were commandeered from an R65, 18 inches front and rear, wrapped in Michelin M45s. Forks are rebuilt R65 units with flat track guards to keep things clean, both practically and visually. BiTurbo adjustable shockers suspend the rear. Sumisura Deuxieme 5 The wiring loom has been re-made and hidden inside the frame tubes and wide, lazy angled flat track handlebars, capped off with bar end indicators. Sumisura Deuxieme 6 The seat is a one-off in stitched black leather, canted forward suggesting racing off the lights will be a common occurrence, or maybe giving space for the prone position, left hand on the forks between turns one and two of Milano’s ring road. The slim tracker tank is actually from a 1949 R25/3, now painted in silver with subtle pin striping, matching the handmade tail section. The slack head angle and mesh front number board make for a racy looking ride whilst the machined from billet aluminium foot pegs, mini spot-headlights and LED stop-lamp juxtapose the rest of the bike’s classic origins. Sumisura Deuxieme 7 Frank has had many offers to buy the Deuxieme but he is not a seller, the story behind the engine pulls at his heart strings every time he fires it up. I’m sure if you ask nicely Frank will build one to your spec, but be prepared for him to insist on at least a little artistic licence. See more from Moto Sumisura HERE on the Bike Shed and on their Facebook Page.