Please, please can someone well heeled do the right thing and bid on some of these and ride them at the Bike Shed Festival. During this weekend's Suzuka 8 Hour race BH Auction have some mighty tasty machines going under the hammer. This 2018 Team Kagayama GSX-R 1000 powered Katana is simply stunning. Well, lose the orange anodised bits perhaps. And surely this 1988 Works GSX-R 750 would be the ideal contender for the Retro Racer Cup, in the right hands of course. But I reckon my pick would be this 1982 Honda RS1000. 135PS and 165KG would make for a good time, but frankly it just looks so damn cool just sitting on a paddock stand. Shame the photo studio were so precious about their floor.... I've wanted an RC30 since I was a youth, when I worked a summer as a tree surgeon's apprentice. My boss used his battered one to ride to the next village to pick up chain oil and sausage rolls. I always made sure all machinery was silent when he set off so I could hear that V4 sing through the Surrey Hills. Although looking back, the 1/2 mile of green laning to get to the main road wouldn't be the done thing today now these things are going for huge money. Anyway, this is the later, injected version. The much coveted RC45. Motorcycles are all about the engine note.... and there can't be much out there to better a Benelli Sei. Anyone riding one of these in the Café Racer Cup class wins an award just for turning up. And finally I quite like this 1981 CB1100RC, one of just 1500 ever produced. It'd probably be shit by today's standards and I'd complain a lot, but I'd look good doing so. There are a bunch of other great lots, check 'em out on the BH website. And let us know if you hear of anyone who scoops one up.