The Sultans of Sprint drag bike exhibition at Bike Shed London 2018 featured some of the most slammed, stretched and radical race bikes of the whole show, and tempering their blunt brutality was this elegant 1981 Ducati MHR900 rep all the way from Japan. Toshiyuki Kozaka owns and runs Switch Stance Riding on the island of Kumamoto and is in Europe this summer fulfilling a dream of racing a self built Ducati. Sprint racing seems an unlikely choice of discipline for such a bike but Toshiyuki loves the Sultans series and its friendly festival atmosphere. If you're quick 'Senna' is resting here with us in Shoreditch before the next round, come down for a closer look. Switch Stance Riding WEB | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM Sultans of Sprint WEB | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE