TCM GS850 LSide FA If you go down to the woods today, you're unlikely to come across a custom Suzuki GS850, but luckily for us, this one was captured on camera for your viewing pleasure, hiding away in the Spanish woodland. TCM GS850 Tank & Bars Tarmac Custom Motorcycles bikes have graced the pages of the Bike Shed with several lovely builds, and this one adds nicely to their crop of quality customs. It's based on a 1983 Suzuki GS850 Shaftie, so; big cubes with lots of shove and a hassle free drive-train. TCM GS850 RA Rside The bike was commissioned with a brief to make it simple and elegant - not something you'd normally say about this big 1980s shaftie - but with the right chopping, modding and a really posh paint job by airbrush artist Munín, they've pulled it off in style. TCM GS850 Combo 1 The frame was chopped and rounded at the rear before being blasted and powder coated, and the same treatment was given to the triple tree, rear swing arm, pegs and wheels. A custom seat rides the rear frame rails, plus the bike has custom fenders, shortened forks, ABM bars wearing Ariete grips and a mini speedo with a Bates headlamp and LED indies and tail light. The battery is tucked out of sight behind the lower engine cases. TCM GS850 Rear CU The engine and clutch were overhauled, while the carbs were soda blasted and re-jetted to suit the conical filters and short reverse cone end cans, which are mated to the original pipes, in white wrap. TCM GS850 FARside Braking is taken care of by a Honda CBR front master cylinder with braided steel hoses. Kawasaki controls run the clutch. Standard 17 inch wheels are fitted with Michelin Anakee tires for decent road performance with off road looks. TCM GS850 Rear It's another very credible build from Javi & Co at TCM. Check out more from them on their website or on the Bike Shed's TCM pages.