CAMPAIGN 3 PRINT version Having ummed and ahhhed for a few weeks we finally decided we were brave enough to put on a follow-up event to our May exhibition, on the 5th & 6th October this year. We felt that a whole year was too long to wait for a follow-up show in a growing bike scene that moves faster than a 12-month cycle will allow, plus we felt that we'd only scratched the surface in terms of the bike building and creative talent that the UK & Europe has to offer in a London show. We also considered our May event to be a British biking season opener, and so it seemed fitting to run a follow-up show as a season-closer, or maybe a review of the Summer of 2013. We also felt that with all the bike building that's been going on from both the pros and shed builders over the summer, it seemed fitting to show the new stuff that had been built, plus we wanted to create extra space to properly showcase more shed built bikes, made by non-pros. Although a lot of people liked the show as it was last time, we live in a world where people always expect a little more, and something new, so our October show will be at the same venue, but will include an additional building adjacent to the main location, this will add around 60% extra exhibition space both inside and out. We had great weather in May for our last event, and hopefully we’ll be just as lucky this time round, but in case we’re not, we have coverings for one of the two outdoor yards, so we can count on that space to be useful whatever the British weather throws at us. Last time around there were around 35 official exhibited bikes. This time there will be at least 60, all new, plus around 15 Shed builds from selected contributors. We'll have the same great food & quality coffee from Street Kitchen in the new yard, and we're keeping the tattoos and haircuts, as they were so popular. Urban Rider, Foundry Motorcycles, Maple Jeans and others will be selling quality bike gear and apparel, as before. Artists and photographers are listed below. ...So, in summary - It's the closing show to what we opened with in May, but bigger, better, more. "A continuing celebration of the cafe/custom creative scene". See you all there. Follow the EVENT page on FACEBOOK for regular updates and trendy social commentary type stuff, or check in here at the Bike Shed. BUILDERS - Here is a snapshot of the SIXTY-plus bikes on show (The rest are being finished, polished, shipped, etc) Spirit of the Seventies - This ER-6 will be finished at last KR6-main-lrg This GT550 plus two more from Young New Talent Auto Fabrica Auto Fabrica Type One Rside 3 Shinya Kimura @Chabott Engineering's "Fireball" fireball+photo+3 4h10's "Midnight Pheonix" 4H10 Midnight Phoenix Deus Ex Machina's "Mono" Deus Mono New Down & Out Cafe Racer's CL450 Down&Out CR CB450 it roCkS! bikes "Sunburn" itroCkS Sunburn 00 CMBL's Beach Hopper JE Beach Hopper 6 Robinsons Speedshop's GS750 Cafe Racer Luke R GS750 5 Gunnar's Shed Built Z750 Gunnar's Z750 TWK Nick's Shed Built Pantah Nick Hugh's Pantera 750 Roy's Shed Built VTR/VFR/Busa Roy's VFR 4 FBC2 Tom's XJ550 Toms-XJ550-1-700x460 ...and many, MANY more... Here's the list of main exhibitors who are currently signed up: Shinya Kiumra @ Chabott Engineering Deus Ex Machina Moto Guzzi Untitled Motorcycles Spirit of the Seventies Old Empire Motorcycles Kingdom of Kicks Urban Rider Corsa Italiana Krazy Horse Customs RaceFit Cafe Racer Customs Kevils Speedshop Auto Fabrica TH1RTE3N MOTOS Foundry MC Muff Customs Down & Out Cafe Racers RB Kustoms ...and your Shedbuilds... RETAILERS Urban Rider Foundry Motorcycle Maple Motorcycle Jeans ODFU Sideburn Benzina Davida Layout 1 EXHIBITORS Conrad Leach Benedict Radcliffe Corpses from Hell Kristina Fender Merry Michau Barry Sheene tribute bike by ERA Cycles INK by Woody, CUTS by Billy & Bo, FOOD by Street Kitchen ...PLACES TO STAY HERE Parking too - as before: Event Parking Map BIKE PARKING SUMMARY. PLEASE READ. BSMC OFFICIAL EVENT PARKING: We have official bike parking at the Amnesty International offices on New Inn Yard, which backs onto the venue, with direct access into the venue's main yard. ALL BIKES ARE WELCOME. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. (Last time we were full by 12am on Sat) It's £3 to park for the day, as we have to make a donation to AA to use their property, plus we have hired parking staff & security to run it. Sorry it's not free, but you have other options if you want... PUBLIC CAR/BIKE PARKS: There are at least 4 car parks we know of within 2 minutes walk - all are on the map. The closest ones are opposite the OFFICIAL EVENT PARKING entrance off New Inn Yard, and there is another opposite the big hotel on Shoreditch High Street beside the Petrol garage. That one is £2 a day, so it's cheaper, but without our security. BIKE BAYS: There are a few motorcycle parking bays, and there is one just around the corner from the main gate, but they're all small. Use to check spots. ON STREET PARKING: The city around Spitalfields and Brick Lane has confusing parking restrictions on the weekend, because like Camden, it's a busy place on Sundays with lots of traffic. Read the signs and you might find places to park for nothing on street on Sat and Sunday after 1.30m but that's all down to you to check out. ON-SHOW PARKING: We have some space inside the venue, "on-show", for pre-booked bikes that are nice-looking cafe/brat/bobber/tracker/etc customs. To get into one of these spaces you need the right bike, and you need to stay ALL DAY. Get there a little before 11am and stay till we close at 6 on Sat or Sun. To get in as a DAYBIKE email us at Here's how it went down last time: EVENT-II-BANNER-MASTER-5