We're suckers for a Guzzi restomod and one guy who's turned out a few beauties over the years is Yorkshire based Jez, founder of La Busca Motorcycles. Jez still works from a small shed in the Dales yet produces bikes to standard bigger pro shops would have aimed for a few years ago. He bought this Le Mans MK3 locally as a rolling chassis and box of bits. The frame and engined numbers matched so it seemed worth investing in restoring it to its former glory - with a few mods of course. A previous La Busca customer with a Guzzi build fancied another, but this time based on a big block motor, so he commissioned this, The Gunslinger. The donor bike already had a few touches deemed too unique to replace, one being the Guiliari seat, originally destined for an early Kawasaki Z1. Once reupholstered in pine green leather the saddle dictated the project's direction down a classic route, to try and compliment the MK3's slightly more angular, 80s fuel tank. The tried and tested formula of a Sachse electronic ignition with integrated reg/rec module saves space and improves reliability, a system Jez incorporates into all La Busca Guzzis. Oval number boards shield the battery and renewed, Motogadget M-unit powered electrics from sight. A GPS sender provides the Motoscope Pro dash with accurate speed readings and the cockpit wiring is routed inside the new clipon handlebars. The upswept, stainless exhausts are another La Busca must for their projects. Developed over the last few years to combine looks with a whiff more performance, when mated with re-jetted carbs. A proper V-twin soundtrack is guaranteed, without sounding like a wannabe racer. The already gorgeous Tonti frame hasn't been butchered and messed with. Instead effort was reserved for fabricating a sympathetic yet stylish aluminium fairing, with 6-point mounting system for easy removal if required. A bearing incorporated into a clamp fitted to the headstock top nut allows the front end to turn while the fairing remains perfectly supported. Local outfit Lune Engineering assisted with this component to make sure a factory fit and period correct look was achieved. While many custom builders have a line of merchandise and rampant social media channels Jez prefers good old fashioned word of mouth. His loyal client base keep coming back for more while their mates join the back of the queue. And with classy, timeless builds like this rolling out of the workshop why follow the herd. See more from La Busca Motorcycles The Bike Shed Archive | Web | Facebook | Instagram TBC.... maybe