The problem with getting into the cafe custom scene is that one bike is never enough, and unless you're rich and can just fill your garage that means buying and selling, modding and moving on... And so the big Zed (KZ1000) has gone and I've just picked up this 1983 R100 Cafe Racer - almost done, but a great donor for some modest tweaks.

I've always been a huge fan of the BMW cafe racers and scramblers made by Adam, Ex and Anita at Untitled Motorcycles and by Kev Hill's at Kevils, and you'll see their bikes and blogs elsewhere on here, but since I already have a Ducati Paul Smart and can't justify a full custom rebuild, working this eBay find into something along their lines is a little cheaper, especially as I'm lucky enough to be good mates with Adm & Co at UMC and live near to thier home, Victory Motorcycles in Camden, where there are usually several big old 70 and 80s beemers on the bench at any given time - all waiting to be turned into UMC replicas.

So, a new journey begins, and of course the end results will be posted up here.