A couple of years ago I was sifting through the submissions for the Bike Shed London show and stumbled upon a slightly quirky looking Honda CR500 street tracker built by a young lad from Northamptonshire, under the name, Thornton Hundred. I'd not heard its founder, Jody Milhouse, probably because the CR was his second build. But that didn't matter, he clearly had the recipe right as the next few projects garnered high praise and his work just got better and better, and his ambitions grander. Just 24 months later and this Ducati 1299 Panigale popped up on my screen. Hell yes. Hat's off to anyone bold enough to take one of Bologna's hallowed machines and hack it up. Personally I don't subscribe to the notion that some brands are more sacred than others. The Panigale is a mass (albeit in small numbers compared to its Japanese rivals) produced motorcycle that's ripe for customising. It's not as if if Jody was about to rake-out a Brough Superior and turn it into a chopper. The upshot though is that his stripped down, 3D printed, bobber seated, track tested special caused a jaws to drop at Bike Shed London 2019 when it was wheeled into Tobacco Dock. But to find out how each of the intricate details we made you'll need to pop over to the Return of the Café Racers website for the full feature. And then enjoy this video, presented by the talented man himself.
See Jody's original tracker on the Bike Shed Archive And follow Thornton Hundred via Web | Facebook | Instagram Photography by 8t5mm