throttle roll Last weekend it was Australia's turn to run with custom bike baton as Throttle Roll took over the Vic Hotel in Enmore, Sydney. The event was started by 'Shed mate Mark Hawa, founder of the global phenomena The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, and this year, the 3rd edition, boasted more bikes, bands and stalls than ever before, celebrating all that is great in the new-wave scene. A weekend extravaganza of custom motorcycles and live music for all the family to enjoy. JAKE.TR.2015-82 The party atmosphere, helped along by the Aussie sunshine, attracted 9000 visitors across and weekend and over a 1000 bikes packed the local streets. NJF_7453 NJF_8683 NJF_7258 A 500 bike ride-out headed for the stunning coastal route south of the city to Seacliff Bridge on Saturday before the partying kicked-off back at the Vic. IMG_0126 NJF_7563 JAKE.TR.2015-109 NJF_7522 50 custom bikes were forklifted into the Vic carpark and no doubt had the health & safety dude quivering in his riggers. JAKE.TR.2015-18 Mark is a busy guy, running Throttle Roll, Sydney Café Racers and The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride. NJF_8780 JAKE.TR.2015-112 JAKE.TR.2015-33 NJF_9074 JAKE.TR.2015-4 NJF_9038 NJF_8986 NJF_8474 NJF_8348 JAKE.TR.2015-78 NJF_8963 NJF_8939Even the hounds were rocking some decent facial coiffuring. NJF_8882 NJF_8873 NJF_8862 NJF_8816 IMG_0060 NJF_8804 IMG_0063 NJF_8359 NJF_8279 NJF_7914 NJF_7822 It was a bad weekend to be a sheep or cow, but a great one for beer and music fuelled carnivores. NJF_7808 NJF_9026 NJF_7534 NJF_7532 IMG_0079 NJF_7472 NJF_7454 NJF_7459 NJF_7448 NJF_7265 JAKE.TR.2015-133 NJF_7264 JAKE.TR.2015-132 JAKE.TR.2015-131 JAKE.TR.2015-81 JAKE.TR.2015-77 JAKE.TR.2015-16 JAKE.TR.2015-70 JAKE.TR.2015-62 JAKE.TR.2015-58 JAKE.TR.2015-47 JAKE.TR.2015-42 JAKE.TR.2015-23 JAKE.TR.2015-48 JAKE.TR.2015-31 JAKE.TR.2015-22 JAKE.TR.2015-30 JAKE.TR.2015-21 IMG_0179 IMG_0419 IMG_0620 IMG_0441 IMG_0537 IMG_0275 IMG_0497 NJF_7509 IMG_0646 Once the sun had set the dance-weiry settled in for free popcorn and a showing of On Any Sunday – The Next Chapter. IMG_0094 NJF_8480Throttle Roll was made possible thanks to support from headline sponsor Levi’s as well as Shannons Insurance, Scrambler Ducati, Yamaha Yard Built, MCAS, Victory, Moto Guzzi, Sol Invictus, My Media Sydney and Deus Ex Machina. 2016 will be a total road block! Hopefully we can get down there and join in. A big thanks to My Media Sydney for capturing these fantastic images.