Ton Up Kiwi 1 THUMB Another week, another bike rolls off a Portuguese bench and into our inbox, before too long they'll be an argument for two wheels to feature on the national flag. We're not complaining though if the calibre of builds is up to the standard of those produced by Ton-up Garage. Kiwi is the latest custom to be signed off by Pedro & Daniel, a carburettored Triumph Bonneville with an exotic twist. Ton Up Kiwi 2 Ton-Up have produced some stunning bikes over the last few years, across a range of donors but as we've come to expect, a Triumph needs to feature in a builder's arsenal at some point. Whether you like them or not, there's no denying the modern Hinckley's credentials. Have personally been without a bike this week, despite having more than a couple of options, I borrowed an older Bonnie to deal with London's network of traffic jams and came to the simple conclusion that, they just work. Plain and simple. But so does a pair of Rohan zip-off-leg hiking trousers, but those cargo pockets aren't exactly going to be bursting with ladies phone numbers so one needs to keep at least a passing observation on looks, at the very least. Ton Up Kiwi 3 Pedro & Daniel set about this project with that in mind, a slight deviation from the dark and moody desert sled theme that frequents the current scene. We are now starting to see frames coated in colours other than black, here gold sets the hue for the rest of the autumnal palette. The oft truncated seat rails have been neatly looped on this occasion, allowing for the curved seat, fit for two to cruise in comfort. The sumptuous suede and leather saddle was made exclusively by renowned Portuguese shoemaker Nobrand. Ton Up Kiwi 4Builders across the globe must have breathed a sigh of relief when Biltwell released their Thruster grips, offering the chance for handle bars to finally match not only the colour but also the diamond stitch so popular with customers. Here they're fitted to wider, classically swept back tracker style bars. Ton Up Kiwi 5Wafer thin, hand-rolled mudguards tie in the bronze of the engine and rocker covers, again something different from the norm without going over the top. The scheme is crowned with a green, brown, black tank, pinstriped in gold. Ton Up Kiwi 6 The guys have been working on a few plug-and-play components and these 1950s inspired silencers are available to buy in the rather gentlemanly Ton-Up shop in Porto and very soon from the website. Handmade from stainless steel and highly polished, a pair of these make a change from the omnipresent reverse megaphone. I wonder if flipped the other way and mounted high-up they'd work on a Scrambler... chaps, we'll happily receive the royalties on that one if they sell like hot cakes. Ton Up Kiwi 7 As is the expectation these days, stock wheels will never do, so the Kiwi's have been rebuilt with stainless spokes on black hoops, with classically treaded Avon Safety Mileage tyres front and back. Ton Up Kiwi 8Refreshed forks prop-up the front and new, adjustable coilovers ensure a taught rear. From this angle you can make out the differing gloss and matt paint finishes. Ton Up Kiwi 9 Stock clocks are plasticy and horrid so best disposed of and replaced with something smaller and more stylish, here a tiny unit nestles behind the amber glow from the small, Bates style headlight. Ton Up Kiwi 11 Like what you see? Well you have some options. If you're feeling flush pick up the phone and give Pedro a call as the Kiwi is for sale. Like what you see but want to tweak the style? Give Pedro a call and book a build slot, the last Ton-Up bike was built and shipped to Angola, so they're experienced in international dispatch. Like the exhaust pipes and don't live in Porto? Keep your eye on the Ton-Up website as the all new webshop will be live in September. In the meantime Bike Shed Archive | Facebook | Instagram | Web Pictures by Ton-up Garage crew