Toria James Our apparel collaboration with Toria Jaymes, founder of Stay Outside, has gone down a storm in our Shoreditch shop. A call to arms, a mission statement, it sure as hell makes us want to get out of the office, ride and explore! We stole five minutes with our favourite East London / Yorkshire lass to chat about the inspiration for this latest design... read on for an insight into the creative mind behind some of the most popular race and event posters, magazine artwork and installations in the custom scene right now. TELL US ABOUT YOUR DESIGN Shop Keep (Gareth) and I agreed on a concept of wanderlust and the spirit of adventure as a benchmark to play with.
 For me this entails venturing into the unknown. I developed a scene that could be any number of places and also fictional. The point of focus was a single path winding off into unchartered lands, I placed a solitary bike in the foreground casting a view to what lies ahead. 
I wanted this piece to evolve as the viewer looked at it. Each time seeing something missed before and developing a personal narrative to the scene. Ideally inspiring free spiritedness or reminisces on past ventures. stay outside x BSMC collaboration Limiting the colour pallet forced me to play with negative space, the black of the T-shirt promotes the leaning silhouettes of the back lit trees in the foreground. I enjoyed playing with the notion of the environment before the rider being lit by the moon. The eye in the moon was to give more presence to being guided by the ever watchful, not so tangible elements of nature. Stay Outside Bike Shed T-Shirt Design Stay Outside I guess is it’s own evolving brand and of course my guise to the name I work under. Stay Outside has always been a mantra I try to follow and aim to encourage. To step out of the grey , and into the green and the blue. To play and pursue adventures outdoor in nature and also to be comfortable with not fitting in, and stepping outside convention, to seek and follow your own path, no matter what others may think. The spirit of which I like to think is in this illustration and also passes through the smaller elements created for the Bike Shed collection - from the Jerry can 5 panel hats and pin badges, to the mini patch packs. WHAT DO YOU RIDE? I currently have 4 bikes but as I compete in the DTRA flattrack championship I’m mostly racing and practicing on Godzuki, my little Suzuki DRZ 125. Although after racing a 1000cc Indian Scout at Dirtquake I’ve a new love for big bikes! I’m hankering to race more flat track on a framer or something hooliganish. I have a Honda XR which was my first road bike for greenlaning - but as I now have my full licence I’d really like to get a '90s trailie, a Yamaha Super Tenéré, BMW GS or Africa Twin. I have just started playing around more on my Honda CRF 230F Enduro, I want to ride that more. Then I have a wonderful little (I think the only one in the country) German Simson SR50, two stroke with 4 seemingly pointless gears but looks so rad. I just can’t part with it but I don't have the time to ride it nowadays. WHERE IS THE BEST PLACE YOUR BIKE HAS TAKEN YOU? Hands down Greenfield Dirttrack! Albeit my bike never actually took me there. More I took it there in a back of a van! That place is magical - I could live there! Best vibe, best track, lovely family run project of love. 

AND FINALLY - WHERE IS THIS ROAD FOR YOU? It's a fictional environment to me, more a symbolic call to remember what I think is important. Stepping into the unknown, hold fast the sprit of adventure and also to embrace the fear of being out of ones comfort zone and to create your own path alone. Or it could just look cool - depends if you care to analyse it or not! The epic "Flat Track Biomaniac" mural which Toria began painting at Bike Shed London 2017 is finally finished and up in pride of place on the wall at the Shed. Toria Jaymes Bike Shed We love this pic of Toria trying out the chief subject of the piece for size - the affectionately named "Highsider" - Ross' modified Cagiva Gran Canyon race bike. This amazing original piece is for sale and looking for a new home.. somewhere with large walls. For more information please email - Order the Stay Outside t-shirt and merch here And keep up, try at least, with Toria's racing on Instagram