Actor Laurence Fox wanted a fun daily rider that would be a bit more chilled than previous sports bikes so he contacted the London arm of Untitled Motorcycles to book a build slot. UMC's Adam Kay and the UMC crew have customised a fair few Triumphs over the years and have the process well streamlined. A T100 Bonneville 'Newchurch' parts bin special was sourced and stripped. The cast wheels were immediately sidelined and replaced by a pair wire spoked pair from a Thruxton, which required spacers to be machined to achieve brake disc alignment. The subframe has received the obligatory loop and the seat base was shortened and reshaped to fit before being re-upholstered in leather. A simple Bates style stop light is mounted to a stubby mudguard keeping the rear clutter free. Extraordinarily bright Motogadget m-Blaze Pin indicators fore and aft should be enough to alert even the most unobservant road users. Wiring runs inside the Renthal bars to the minuscule Posh switches and the original speedo now lives inside the headlight bucket - a component that UMC developed ages ago as a replacement for rusted and overpriced BMW R50 units. The classic style works perfectly on Bonnies too. Another part from the UMC shelf is the machined front sprocket cover, very smart. Stainless 2-into-1 headers and a short silencer add the soundtrack that all Bonnevilles should come with as standard. A remap was required to make the most of the lightly baffled pipe and maintain smooth running. Adjustable Hagon Nitro shocks don't just look nice, they're easily adjustable should Laurence want to share his new ride with a pillion. Finally, the south coast's premier paint shop D-Lucks added the finishing touch with a flat battleship grey scheme with 139 on the side panels, reference to Laurence's favoured psalm. Adam took the finished T100 for a spin and reported "It handles so well now and it feels lighter and more powerful than it was. I would own it if I could. Maybe I will make one for myself, if I ever get the time." Judging by how busy the UMC workshop is Adam will probably be on his original gold Beemer for some time to come. To see more from Untitled Motorcycles, London & San Francisco Bike Shed Archive | Web | Facebook | Instagram Photography Ludovic Robert