When uber-trendy media company Blink Giant Media approached Adam & Co at Untitled Motorcycles to make a short feature starring their bikes it was hard to say no, (despite a pretty out-there storyboard), so, a coupla months later the shoot took place in deepest, darkest South London amongst the railway arches, and in advance of this much anticipated bike-flick, here are a few snaps taken on location, on the day...

Ladies of questionable reputation hang out under the arches

Street urchins tell the director how they roll...

...and then look cute and urchin-like

1950s man-from-the-council asks for the crew's "permit to film hookers"

Obligatory bike-controls detail shot

Pilots are ready to scramble, ...on their UMC street scramblers.

Having seen the treatment and storyboards, we can't wait to see the final edit. We'll keep you posted here and on FB, and of course follow Adam, Rex & Anita at Untitled's blog