UMC Guzzi 1 The story of this most recent build from Untitled Motorcycles begins back in 2007 when owner Patrick Price bought a Guzzi Tonti frame off eBay with the plan of a 6-month project. Seven years later, he had a pile of bits, enough to build a complete bike, but had lost his passion for the project. Surfing the Internet, considering selling the whole thing, Patrick stumbled across Untitled Motorcycles. UMC Guzzi 2 "I didn't even know there was a scene like this,” says Patrick. “It was exactly what I wanted: no plastic, pared down, harking back to the '50s." He got in touch with Adam at Untitled who, by coincidence, had a rendering of a proposed Guzzi project which perfectly matched Patrick's vison. UMC Guzzi 3 “This bike's not about speed,” says Adam. “Patrick wanted something that gave a relaxed riding style so he could roll along, hear the engine and enjoy the ride.” Patrick adds, "Modern bikes aren't to my taste- too much plastic and I have no wish to break the sound barrier. I want to be able to enjoy the ride in comfort and to have a proper motorcycle sound." UMC Guzzi 5 When the boxes of bits arrived at Untitled, they discovered that Patrick had an original, unused V7 Sport tank and period Borriani spoked alloy rims. Patrick continued to source parts as the build progressed. "It’s a big help to us when customers do that because it means we can focus on the build," explains Adam. UMC Guzzi 6 Untitled began cleaning the frame by removing all unnecessary brackets and tabs. The unsightly battery plate was discarded and a new gel battery relocated under a custom single seat upholstered by Glen Moger. The sub frame was shortened by 20cm and LED indicators from Motorcycle Parts Online Store installed into the tube ends with custom plastic mounts machined for fit. A brand new wiring loom was installed throughout the bike. UMC Guzzi 7 New brackets were added to the frame to support the short rear mudguard, and a Vincent-style stop light was mounted with a UMC-designed alloy bracket. “It’s really annoying having to make a bracket each time, so we’ve had a batch laser cut and are offering them to customers,” says Adam. Once complete, the frame, forks and yokes were sent off to Armourtex Power Coaters in Hackney for a high-gloss black powder-coat finish. UMC Guzzi 8 The engine and gearbox remain stock on the bike, albeit with a complete inspection and rebuild by Rex, UMC's chief mechanic. Most components were in good condition and retained with new big end shells, new rings, valves, guides, timing chain, seals and gaskets throughout. The cast alloy cases were sent to Middlesex Re-Bore in Mill Hill for cleaning and sand blasting. UMC opted to keep the original Bosch electrics and points, deciding against electronic ignition. "We’ve had some poor results with electronic ignition in the past, and the basic maintenance with points is better," explains Rex. A good starter motor is also important on these big twins, so UMC installed a reconditioned Bosch starter. UMC Guzzi 10a The carbs are the stock 32mm Dellortos with custom in-line manifolds. Nate at Gabriel Hounds designed and 3D-printed the custom manifolds, which were then cast in alloy. "We even got to incorporate the Untitled Motorcycles logo,” explains Nate. The original exhaust headers were kept and new mid-sections welded to join the upswept silencers. The completed pipes were sent to Camcote Performance Coating for ceramic coating. “It’s an incredible thin coating that doesn’t rust. Conventional paint isn't anywhere near as durable,” says Adam. UMC Guzzi 10 At the front, flat Vincent bars carrying UMC's trademark minimal controls and hidden wires operate the front and rear brake masters, now relocated under the fuel tank. To keep the cafe racer profile the original headlight brackets were inverted to lower the headlight level with the top of the fuel tank. The BSA-style headlight houses a Smiths chronometric speedometer with bespoke UMC cables to marry the British and Italian drives. UMC Guzzi 4 The stock Marzocchi forks and Brembo calipers were refurbished and the original Borriani rims polished and shod with Michelin M45 dual sport tyres, an UMC favourite. The distinctive green colour, a reference to the iconic 1970s V7 Sport's lime green paint scheme, was applied by Dennis at D-Luck’s Custom Paint Workshop in Brighton. UMC Guzzi 9 Since Patrick’s been on the project for seven years, it seems only right that he have the last word: "Together we've achieved a gorgeous machine, it's my ideal bike and no one else has one like it. These guys are good." See more from Untitled Motorcycles on their posh new Website, The Bike Shed's UMC Pages or on Facebook. Photos by Ludovic Robert