Vintage Addiction 3 You may have noticed we don't often do scooters, but when we do it's because they are properly special, and this wee beastie is one such suped-up scoot, made from so many donor parts we're not quite sure what to call it. Vintage Addiction 7 Vintage Addiction 5 The owner and builder is Calalunian, Carlos, AKA Xarlie, from Barcelona. He works full time as a garage mechanic but built this bike in his spare time at evenings and weekends, under the Vintage Addiction Crew name. Vintage Addiction 1 Xarlie is a petrol head with good taste, with a liking for Aircooled VWs, old Porsches and vintage Scooters as well as custom hot rods, so the styling of this bike has some obvious roots. Vintage Addiction 6 This is VA's second bike and was built as part of the Massive Metamorphosis moped contest - and battle between friends and a place where Xarlie met many other good people on the scene. Lot's of Xarlie's friends contributed to the project, donating bikes and parts, including a 49cc Derby and Beta Trueba and an 80cc KTM. The inspiration came from the Bonneville Salt Flats. Vintage Addiction 4 Vintage Addiction Combo The parts list includes; a Beta Trueba front wheel, swingarm and rear suspension. Front forks and suspension are from the KTM 80, there are Yamaha TZR bars, a custom chassis and seat, Rieju Supermotard rear wheel and the exhaust is from a Derby. The bike is all finished off in matt grey and blue metal flake with tasteful VA decals. Vintage Addiction 2 But it's not all about scoots. In the workshop Xarlie also has a Mk1 Golf Diesel turbo and VW 1200 Beetle, as well as a a Ducati Desmo 500 cafer racer (we look forward to seeing that on The Bike Shed) a Honda Dominator (another Shed favourite) and a Lambretta scrambler with sir suspension. Blimey. Vintage Addiction 8