VDB Moto BMWSurf 1 If people like what your doing, do it some more. Like many custom shops VDB Moto was born out of the adoration garnered by the bike that its founder had built for himself. Hailing from Italy and eventually settling in New York, Derick eyed his opportunity and decided to try his hand at building bikes for those whose eyes had been drawn to his. His first build, the stunning T-2 debuted on the Bikeshed back in March, showcasing all he had learnt from his personal Bonneville build whilst adding the necessary flair that goes with turning pro. VDB are riding the wave and are now back on the Shed with their second build, a boxer custom to take on the establishment. VDB Moto BMWSurf 2 The 1986 R80RT arrived in Derick's hands in a beleaguered state, displaying the effects of many years of neglect. "In the design process we wanted to maintain a mix of old and new, so decided to retain the distressed and rugged look of the engine to make a contrast with the new parts and paint." Although embracing of the tired looking exterior, VDB would settle for no such thing with the internals, so despite the engines relatively low mileage it was given a thorough refresh. VDB Moto BMWSurf 7 The machine was completely stripped and relieved of all the usual excess parts and weight. The standard rear subframe was abandoned and replaced with a unit that nips-in tidily to create space for the upgraded adjustable single sided shock. A clean ribbed brat style seat in black perches atop the unit following the lightly kicked rear loop. As they displayed in the T-2's vinegar induced rusty tank, VDB have a soft spot for the appearance of decayed metal. On the B-1 the steel rear fender has been left to form its own patina of natural decay, against the perfect gloss black of the subframe this again references the mix of old and new. Before you bemoan the missing front mudguard, Derick has opted for a best of both worlds approach, "there is an optional matching front steel unit when needed, just not pictured here as it wasn’t raining on that day…" VDB Moto BMWSurf 4 The facade of the bike combines original BMW ears and fork boots with a modern 7" headlight. This assembly is kept super clean by dropped mirrors, mini warning lights mounted directly into the triple trees and by hiding the Smiths speedometer on the bottom yoke. The powder coated wheels are graced by Pirelli MT43 rubber to fit in with the VDB moto vision that their bikes should be able to venture beyond where the road ends. VDB Moto BMWSurf 3 An Aluminium surf rack was fitted as Derick has been working in collaboration with neighbouring company Folklore Surf. The pair intend on shooting a video to showcase their wares alongside surf, girls and rolling black top. In glossy 60's pastel steel blue with matching matte board the hardware will most certainly look the part. VDB Moto BMWSurf 5 The bike is covered in details, Aluminium VDB badges evict their BMW counterparts on the tank, a bullet rear brake light sits above a removable license plate and small indicators mount on the frame. Every cable on the bike is wrapped or braided to add texture along with the headers that lead to short ceramic coated mufflers that provide a throaty soundtrack. The 4.00 tyres and revised rear frame sit the bike a few inches higher than standard providing a lofty riding position from which to tackle the congested New York streets. The oil pan was deemed to sit too low and has been replaced since these pictures with a smaller variation to allow more clearance over city curbs or country boulders. VDB Moto BMWSurf 6 VDB Moto are letting loose some seriously accomplished machines into the Big Apple and beyond. We look forward to seeing the next bike that receives Derick's attention and to seeing B-1 star in that video. See more from VDBMotos on The Bike Shed, their Website, Instagram & Facebook.