VDBMoto Triumph Scrambler A After several years of no fixed abode, and therefore no motorcycle (the horror!), Derick finally settled down in New York where he was at long last able to rekindle his love of bikes by getting an American driving license and a British scrambler. The mods that he carried out on his Triumph attracted so many compliments, that it persuaded him to turn a hobby into a full time passion. This Scrambler, the T2, is what Derick considers to be his first 'proper build'. VDBMoto Triumph Scrambler D Derick grew up near Florence in Italy. As a result, he spent his formative years hooning around on dirt bikes in the Tuscan hills - the lucky bugger. When he was legally allowed onto the road he did so on an XR600R, a bike as famous for its ankle breaking kick starter as its grin inducing single cylinder. And the dual purpose bike is where Derick takes his inspiration from. The freedom to go anywhere you want, but with road manners that make the city commute a doddle. VDBMoto Triumph Scrambler C One of the most striking features of this build is the tank. It was stripped down to bare metal and the rust process was speeded up with the help of a vinegar/salt solution to create a real patina that would normally have taken years to appear. The headers were shortened, wrapped and fitted with two mini GP style mufflers, leaving the original bracket as a support for the ammunition box - a genuine surviving piece of military hardware from the Vietnam war. Derick says it’s perfect for carrying a picnic and a 6 pack. VDBMoto Triumph Scrambler E The paint used for the new fenders and several parts of the bike is a bedliner protective coating, giving an added rugged texture and durability. The original instruments have been replaced by a mini led speedo which has been fitted to the left side of the engine with the ignition key relocation, leaving space for the Renthal ultra low handlebars. The low profile seat covers the tubular frame just up to the end, where LED indicators have been fitted and wired inside the frame for a super clean appearance. An LED Bates style light sits at the back, and up front is a yellow headlight filter protected by a black grille for that proper rugged, go anywhere look. VDBMoto Triumph Scrambler B Suspension has been upgraded with adjustable Hagon shocks at the rear and progressive springs at the front. The oversized Continental TKC80's offer a higher centre of gravity, which helps make an already great city bike even better. And with the added power of the new exhaust, K&N filter and shorter gear ratios, it must be an absolute riot to blast around NY's crazy streets on. Right now VDBMotos is a one man operation, but judging by the quality of 'proper build' number 1, and the fact that there are plans afoot for a pop-up shop, clothing, accessories and events, it's going to require a lot more than one man very soon. Keep us posted Derick. See more from VDBMotos on their Website, Instagram & Facebook.