V2We're huge fans of Stefano Venier's work, the custom Moto Guzzis produced in his Brooklyn based workshop are always stunning and exquisitely finished. Dark, discreet and stylish is a theme flowing through all Venier builds but often the slick and subtle aesthetic belies the huge amount of work that goes into each bike. V9 The Venier Customs Tractor series has been a huge success and really put Stefano's shop on the map. This 2011 Guzzi V7 Tractor 04 has been built nearly to the same exacting standards as the first three bikes. Each iteration though sees small improvements whilst adhering to the requirement of being fully street legal. V7 The original steel fuel tank has been elongated and reshaped whilst mudguards and side panels are beaten from aluminium sheet. A sumptuous leather saddle is stitched in-house and offers decent comfort when combined with the Ikon rear shocks. V3Sicilian pipe bending gurus Mass Moto exhausts provide the soundtrack to accompany the looks, neatly personalised with the Venier logo. Which is also found on the bespoke GPS speedo, neat touch. V5 Huge knobblies on street-based scramblers are slowly making way for more discerning rubber, here a pair of Golden Tire dual sports looks smart and offer decent grip on the black stuff. V6 Practicality is an important part of a Venier bike, they might be show quality but Stefano builds them for riding and the Tractor 04 can just about squeeze a pillion on the back. A svelte passenger with looks to match the bike a distinct possibility. The frame hasn't been cut at all so standard luggage options could be fitted, although something a little more tailored would be preferable. V1We're privileged in our position of casting an eye over hundreds of motorcycles a week but somehow in a sea of custom extravagance, exceptional engineering and the outright audacious it's often matt black sophistication that shines through. If this subdued tone appeals check out Stefano's previous work on Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Web Photography by Donatello Trevisiol